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~ Rebecca's Fine Glass Mosaics ~

Handmade fine glass mosaics, glass art, garden wares & fused glass specializing in ©Mosaic'd Windows™
Totally self taught.  All original designs by me.  All glass hand cut by me.  Custom orders accepted

 I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way...things I had no words for. 
~Georgia O'Keefe

following is bio & a resume of sorts:


    Rebecca York began the fine art of mosaic in late 2003.  After beginning a six  month
chemotherapy treatment, Becky was very ill and couldn’t do much.  She became stir crazy and decided
to use her artistic creativity to keep her mind occupied.  Always awed by the beauty of glass, Becky
 experimented. The result was beautiful mosaic stained glass pieces. She used many different found materials
 in her work including deer antler, agates, mirror, and clay.    For Christmas 2003, Becky gave her art as
 gifts. Her family was literally amazed at this gift she had tuned into -so was she. For her birthday in January, her
 family entered her into a juried show. Their goal was to encourage her to share this gift. It worked; everyone
 loved her work and she continues to share it today.  We hope you love it as well.



Artist Statement


My art started with Christmas presents I had made for my daughter & her boyfriend December 2003. 
I was on the last month of a chemical therapy treatment and very very ill. 


My daughter loved the art I had made and said, "Mom, these are beautiful.  You should share this art".  She's always been the artist; winning contests and even a scholarship and then going to college into the arts. 
My daughter entered my art as a birthday present to me in January 2004 in to a juried art show.  My art was accepted!   I've been sharing it ever since. I now share my art and my story!

My designs and styles are unique from all other mosaics and glass works I've seen because all are my own creations.   I am self  taught.  When I think of a design to do, I quickly grab a tablet and sketch it out.  Ideas come to me often and at any time.  This is now my bliss and my life.  I share it and expand every chance I get.  I have dreams and goals to reach many.

I hope you find my art as enjoyable to look at as I do to make. Working on my art is pure joy. I lose track of time and all pain.  Art, to me, is healing..  Creativity is spiritual.

 Rebecca York  

mosaics@RimrockCreations.com  - email         
www.RimrockCreations.com; or  www.RebeccasMosaics.com

 Update: September 9, 2011
I got melanoma cancer diagnosed late July of 2010. It was in the bottom of my right heel of all places.  I had two surgeries, one Aug 26 where the surgeon at the Cancer Center cut out my heel like an ice cream scoop clear to the bone... and the other Aug 31 when a plastic & reconstructive surgeon rebuilt my foot. Probably 2/3rds of my foot was removed. A large skin flap was made that was swung around to cover the gaping hole in my heel and a skin graft off my left leg to cover the new gaping hole.  (as of May 2012, foot is still healing, but I'm back to doing art now)

 I spent 3 months in bed with my foot elevated between the hospital, nursing home, and home. I used a wheel chair for quite some time..then a walker...then crutches. Now I am walking again...still a year more of healing as of Sept 10 2011. My foot still gets very swollen and very sore.

 I haven't done any mosaics art or had any art shows for over a year now.  I'm anxious to get back to it. I plan to do the Renaissance Fair in Moscow, ID next May 2012.  We even have costumes for it for the first time since doing that art show in 2004. 

 The cancer doctor had a Pic Line put in me...so I could receive a month of interferon directly to my veins for a full month every single weekday. then was put on 3 times a week shots.. it was reeking havoc on me & and my liver..they decreased the dose..still it was doing damage..decreased it again 2 more times... finally after 5 months of this, they had to take me off the chemo, even though I had 7 more months to do. Hopefully, I never get any kind of cancer again, because I cannot handle the chemo.

 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2005.  I had it under control finally with meditation, yoga, and hiking... AND trying to live stress free as stress activates fibro badly.  But, now since this last chemo the fibro is back strongly.  I can't do a lot because of my foot, so can't get it under control yet but keep trying. Also the chemo brain is a huge annoyance - it took 5 years after last chemo for it to subside.

 Also, as many of you know, my art came from the 2003 chemo experience.. almost out of no where. I have said since then, art heals! Little did I know it would LITERALLY save my life. This time because of a shard of glass in my heel, the cancer was found. We got the shard out, but it would not heal. After 3 trips to my doctor and antibiotics, he finally sent me to the dermatologist. he found the cancer right next to where the shard wound was. I feel pretty fortunate and am very grateful!!  I only lost half of my hair...it's very sparse but at least I still have some.. (see picture of me above)

 So, look inside and find your creativity.. It just may save YOUR life, too.


Background and Training:
Self taught, began mosaic art December 2003 During a 6 month chemotherapy.
First sale and first art show:  May 2004


Sunset Gallery Harrison, ID 

September 2008

Artwalk 1, Sandpoint, Idaho  

June 2007

Above the Rim Art Gallery, Moscow, Idaho

July through August   2006

Artwalk 2, Sandpoint, Idaho - Art Works Gallery  

July 2006

"Winter Solstice" Third Street Gallery - Moscow, Idaho

December/January 2005

Solo Exhibitions:

Sunset Gallery  Harrison, Idaho

September 2007

St. Maries Idaho Art Gallery

January 2005

Juried Art Shows:

Sandpoint Art Festival POAC

August 9 & 10, 2008

Beasley Mom's Weekend WSU Pullman, WA

April 11 & 12 2008, October 2008

Art Under the Elms Lewiston, ID

April 25, 26 & 27 2008

Spokane Garden Expo

May 10 2008

Seattle University District Street Fair

May 17 & 18 2008

Custer's Spring Art & Crafts - Spokane, WA

March 2008

Custer's Art & Craft Show - Spokane Fairgrounds, WA  

November 2007, November 2008

Art Fest at Arbor Crest Winery - Spokane Valley, WA

August 2007

Glass on the Grass - Spokane, WA Gonzaga U

August 2007

The Taste of the Coeur d’Alene’s - Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

August 2007, August 1, 2, 3 2008

Renaissance Fair, Moscow, Idaho

May 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Women’s Works, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

November 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008

S.M.ART - St. Maries Art Festival - St. Maries, Idaho

July 2004, 2005, 2006

Dahmen Artisan’s Barn Art Show - Uniontown, Washington

October 2006, December 6th 2008

 Awards, Honors and Commissions:

Related Activity:

Crafts Report Magazine - profiled artist for 2 Degrees Northwest March 2009 issue - interview by Diana Lambdin Meyer
Sandpoint Magazine - featured the Pedersen's home/retreat (A God Inspired Vision) and pictured my commissioned window  May 2008
Spokesman Review - Spokane, Washington, Interview by Julianne Crane 7 Arts: Emerging Artist Rebecca York, March 30, 2007
Moscow-Pullman Daily News - front cover of Pulse interview  by Emily Thomason: Art that Heals Rebecca York - August 10, 2006
Shoshone News Press - Kellogg, Idaho - donation to Summer Wine Art auction fundraiser - June 2005, 2006
Gazette Record – photo by Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries, Idaho donated piece for raffle Benewah Humane Society - August 19, 2006
Gazette Record – submitted photo, St. Maries, Idaho donated piece for raffle Benewah Humane Society - November 30, 2005
Gazette Record – photo by Justin Post, St. Maries, Idaho donated Celtic cross for Church Bazaar helping locals November 30, 2005

ArtWorks Gallery - Sandpoint, Idaho
Dahmen Barn Artisan Center - Uniontown, WA
Denise Oliver Gallery - Harrison, Idaho

Member of:
The Society of American Mosaic Artists ~ SAMA
Spokane Arts Commission, Spokane, Washington
Pend Oreille Arts Council, Sandpoint, Idaho
Coeur d’Alene Arts Alliance, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Websites that feature my art:

SAMA:  Society of American Mosaic Artists


ICA~ Idaho Commission on the Arts


Heartland Trading Company Idaho Arts Links


The Fund for Women Artists


7 • Culture • Emerging artist Rebecca York


North Idaho Artists - Coeur d’Alene & Sandpoint


Invited to these art websites:
My Art Space :        http://www.myartspace.com/
Saatchi Online:        http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/blogon/



Rebecca York 2004 ~ 2012